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Thaitsuki Dokuji Nami Sanmai Katana (S02) - Ships Free!

Thaitsuki Dokuji Nami Sanmai Katana (S02) - Ships Free!
Thaitsuki Dokuji Nami Katana (S02)
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Dokuji Nami Katana (S02)
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Thaitsuki is building the highest quality Japanese swords currently available.Thaitsukis are true handmade swords that are produced in very low volume. Each component is hand crafted then fitted and assembled to create the finished katana or wakizashi. The end result is a sword that is a unique and functional work of art.

The Dokuji Nami katana continues Thaitsuki tradition, with a hand forged and folded 1024 layer high carbon steel blade and top grade silver fittings.

The S02 is forged, folded, polished and sharpened entirely by hand, a rarity in this price range. This is simply one of the finest Japanese katana blades you will ever see. Silver handmade fittings and stunning blue Japanese silk over an ivory high grade rayskin tsuka with a Nami motif round out this stunning sword.

The full tang, high carbon steel blade is hand forged from high grade Japanese steel. It is clay coated, heat treated, hand polished and sharpened. It is hand forged in the Koto style and folded with 1024 layers and features a half Bo-Hi. Differentially tempered, the edge hardness is 60 HRC and the body hardness is 35HRC for correct flex and superb feel when cutting. The hada is beautiful and the natural hamon is promient. 

Thaitsuki does not overlook the saya as part of the finished product and this saya is truly beautiful!  A two layer, hand rubbed black lacquered hardwood saya with black horn Koiguchi enhances your investment. This katana can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.
This premium katana will appeal to the practitioner seeking a high end cutting sword and high end sword collectors  


This katana comes complete with a Signed Certificate, Sword Stand, Sword Maintenance Kit and Silk Sword Bag

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The Dokuji Nami katana Highlights:

Hand forged and folded high carbon Japanese steel blade (1024 layers)
Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)
Excellent hada
Hand sharpened and polished Japanese katana blade
Brass tsuba with swiftlet in the cloud
Silver seppa and habaki
Brass fuchi/kashira with Nami motif
Two layer wood saya with hand rubbed lacquer finish
Dark blue silk and ivory rayskin wrapped, double pegged tsuka
Dark blue gloss finish saya with silver shinto DoMe, dark blue silk sageo and buffalo horn koiguchi

Dokuji Nami specifications:

Blade: 29-1/2"
Tsuka: 11"
Overall: 41-1/2"
Weight: 2.6lbs
Balance point 5"

Please note:
This is a sharpened battle ready Japanese sword you must be at least 18 to order this katana


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