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Sokueto Hondachi Katana (KTN5) - Ships Free!

Sokueto Hondachi Katana (KTN5) - Ships Free!
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Perfect! November 24, 2014
J King (Del Rio TX)
this is my 2nd Thaitsuki after buying the ktn3. I could not be happier with this katana. Now am saving for S03 lol
perfect sword! September 25, 2013
Ron (St Louis)
Although I could not afford the Sanmai series SO3 I could not be happier with my KTN5 it is everything I hoped for and a sword I will keep for life!
KTN5 September 18, 2012
Rick (Vancouver, BC)
Just got this this past weekend. Like others have said, a long wait, but worth it. Beautiful example of the art, and still surprising how well-balanced yet solid it is. The simple colouration of white on black and silver, makes the other elements of the sword stand out.
beautiful work! July 18, 2011
Greg (Atlanta, GA)
Outstanding handmade sword, high quality traditional details and fittings great blade finish. I am very satisfied with my purchase and buying experience through your site
Best katana available August 10, 2010
Brian (Hampton Hills)
I own several very expensive katana′s and this sword exceeded my every expectation! I had to wait awhile for it but it was worth it.

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