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Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Katana (S01) - Ships Free!

Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Katana (S01) - Ships Free!
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Beautiful sword! February 1, 2016
Andy (Montana)
I am very happy with the quality of this sword! It arrived nicely oiled and very sharp. All the accessories look to be top notch. Very nicely weighted and I really like the feel of the leather handle wrap. Swinging it feels really nice.
outstanding sword February 12, 2014
Wayne (AZ)
Bought this sword for practice as I prefer a leather ito for its feel and durability. Incredible build quality and blade finish!
Best practioners katana! September 25, 2013
Brent (Miami, Fl)
I prefer leather for practice and this is the best practice katana i have ever used. Perfect balance outstanding workmanship. Everyone at my dojo wants to use it lol
great service, great sword November 9, 2011
K. Rollins (Alberta)
I got terrific advice from Steve at Thaitsuki on this purchase and I could not be happier!
Great balance, excellent cutter July 18, 2011
Rick (Australia)
I bought this katana because I prefer the feel of leather when practicing. This sword has superior blade feel and balance with great blade quality and furniture. Thanks to Thaitsuki for the smooth over seas delivery it arrived without a hithch
Very High quality folded blade! August 10, 2010
F. Michael (NYC)
I bought this sword because I liked the unusual leather wrapped handle but I am simply blown away by the folded blade quality and finish.

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