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We are a U.S. company that has been importing Thaitsuki swords since 2004. We originally offered Thaitsuki swords on our sister site; Japanese Swords 4 Samurai but after Thaitsuki began to gain a reputaion for superior quality, we felt these swords deserved their own website and created As sword enthusiests ourselves, we consider it a priviledge to represent the Thaitsuki forge and the degree of craftsmanship and pride that they exibit in their product. After ten years in the sword buisiness, Thaitsuki still remains the finest production level Japanese swords we have seen.

As a buyer who purchases from this site, or Japanese Swords 4 Samurai, you will have the full suport of a longstanding U.S. company to handle any warranty or shipping issues. Hopefully this will help ease the anxiety of purchaseing such a high end item sight unseen. Be assured, we are not a here today, gone tomorow reseller, we are here to assist with any issues and are available by phone and email to answer any questions regarding shipping times, availability and any other questions you might have.

We have a long track record of customer service and are very experienced with handling international orders. Austraila and Canadian buyers - we have shipped hundreds of swords to these countries and have never had any issues with shipping, damage, or delivery the sword to the purchaser. 


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